About SuperTtam

Hi I’m Matt and I’m from Australia. I play Ttam, a Undead Shadow Priest on Tichondrius US ( BG9 famous for PvP)

I’m 15 so I do all the normal 15 year old stuff, like hang with mates, going movies, and meeting girls. When I’m not doing school/socializing I play WoW.

My WoW History:

I began playing WoW 2-3 months before TBC, although it wasn’t my own account just my brother’s. While he was out doing what I do now I made a Undead Rogue. That was the first Ttam, I leveled him up to 19 before my brother deleted him because my brother sucks. Then I made him again, got him to 19 and PvP’d til I got scout, Then I got bored of WoW and didn’t play for 5-6 months. My brother’s friend in-game was quitting WoW around Hyjal/BT time, so I got his account. I played on the Tauren Shaman for around a month, I got bored fast of the 70 life, So on that account I made the first Ttam priest, I got him to level 30. Then I began getting messages from the Shaman’s IRL friends, telling me to give him back his account, and that I stole it. Basically the Shaman wanted his account back but wouldn’t ask us directly. So a day after that I got my own account and deleted the Ttam off that account and made the Ttam priest on my own account. Me and my brother did RAF and I got to 40 in around 2-3 days. We were playing 3 accounts : Brother on the Shaman running us, and I having his account on follow to my priest.

Around level 45 the Shaman called Blizzard and they gave him the account back, which was no worry to me anyway. So me and my brother did quests in WPL getting around 30k xp per quest til 60. Then I began a Shaman, Tmat got him to 60 pretty fast so I was happy with it. after what seemed for ages chilling at 60 I got Burning Crusade and within a week my Priest was 70. I was pretty embarassed when in my first Kara run every piece of cloth loot went to me. BC was a really “chill” time for me, I experienced no Black Temple, Only the Hyjal trash, and Felmyst in Sunwell ( my mass dispel skillz).


Then WoTLK came out and similar to BC I was stuck at 70 waiting for stores to get stock. I began levelling the Shaman’s professions. Farming for whelps and making a ton from skinning ( I got both Black and Azure from farming). Then I began farming for the lil’ bug pet in Zangarmarsh but accidentally specced him into Elemental, so got annoyed and stopped. Around December 12th I got WoTLK, December 19th was when I dinged 80. My Guild remembered me as only the Shadow Priest who massdispelled on Felmyst. But my Brother being the Raid Leader got me a spot for Heroic Construct because they wanted to check my DPS, In Blues and a few Epics I came 2nd on Patchwerk with 4.1k DPS, that basically secured my spot in Raiding, although a few people thought I fluked it and weren’t happy with me. A week or two later on Thaddius normally we Had a Warrior up at 7k DPS( stupid Deep Wounds) and everyone else at 4k, I surprised everyone with hitting 5.1k which for me was a huge achievement. We had KT on farm by 10th January, and it was smooth sailing. So my brother and I along with our MT and top healers/DPS began working on 10 man Satharion + 3 drakes.

10 man Sathation + 3 drake Saga

We had just come out of a 25 man Naxx with our phat lewtz and thought we’d try for 3 drakes. We failed hardcore. So then we began at just 1 drake, Failed hardcore, and just as we were about to quit we killed it, so it was pretty cool. Next week we went for 2 drakes and downed it really, really easily, so we were hyped and did Malygos, this was my first time along with 6 other people in our 10 man group at doing Malygos. Its by far the funnest raid in Wotlk that I’ve experienced, we one-shotted him and we all got our sweet titles. Which we then realised everyone else had =[ . We then started doing some Undying attempts and failing on them in the most retarded ways, First time we failed a Shaman got blown up from 100% – 0% on Grobbulus randomly, even though we did everything like we normally do, and then the 2nd time we tried our Ret pally got randomly eaten by Gluth. It was funny to just be DPSing Gluth and watch him turn around and eat a Ret pally like he was Zombie Chow.

Death of the Guild

Around 2 days before we had scheduled to go for 3D sath we had a 25 man Naxxramas, we had downed KT( mana burn dps FTW lol) and T7.5 Warlock/Paladin/Priest Helm dropped. There was 4 people who fitted that category in the raid who didn’t have it ( 4/6 people) One of them had gotten the key off Sapphiron and the other Got Betrayer of Humanity, so that left me and a Warlock. It was loot council, and they decided that I should get it because it was a bigger upgrade and the Warlock had received more loot during the run. He wasn’t happy with this and Gquit the second I received the token. I then found out something I didn’t know, half the guild were his relatives/friends, which the guild invited to boost numbers. so from having an average of 30 people on during peak hour, we had 10. And that was basically the death, we tried a Few Undying attempts, but failed, our MT had joined another guild and brought a few of his new guildmates to try with us.. Some were in blues =[ and we wiped on Maexxna because the shaman didn’t have poison cleansing totem down. And that was around Feb 2nd – 3rd or maybe late January. After that time I was thinking of making a new alt but couldn’t be bothered. Then my IRL friend who is rich imo, decided that levelling with 1x experience was annoying, so he bought a new account and RAF’d with him, I’m not an altaholic so I didn’t like it that much, and after 2 months of RAF all we had to show for it were a level 36 each. And that was when my WoW card died, and I haven’t bought one since but I like to keep up-to-date with whats going on in the forums and stuff.

Thats my WoW history, and I might aswell add, I did some Pre-BC raids on my brothers Warlock, I thnk furthest I played was Prophet Skeram in AQ40.


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