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I’m Back in WoW!

June 1, 2009

After what I thought was only a month I’m back in WoW. Turns out that “month” was actually 3 months and the only reason I am back is because my friend gave me a Scroll of Ressurection. Its pretty cool with how things have played out since the 3.1 PTR. Priests have never been so fun, pressing all the buttons to heal and play offensively is awesome.

I left my old dead guild and joined one of my good WoW friend’s( who is also my arena partner) guilds “Represent” They’re not as good as Resonance were and their raiding times don’t suit me, but I’d rather be in a guild with people to talk to then being by myself. So me and Baalzephon were both in Resonance for awhile, he was there longer and knows more about it then I do though. He left Resonance during the “Big drop out” where basically everyone left, the rest of Resonance hated him for leaving, but I didn’t really care much, and kept talking to him. He is one of the best PvP locks I’ve seen. Yesterday I came back from my 3 month break. I joined his guild, and was asked by a Ret Paladin to do 2v2, and I said yes right away because I like playing with Rets.. This pally blew my mind about how bad he was. So we went 3-10.. Until I said I had to go because I didn’t want to play arena anymore. Then went on my shaman and farmed/grinded in Zangarmarsh for 30 mins.. Then went to bed. Today I invited Baalz into the 2v2 team and we went 7-0 before losing, and it was amazing the synergy we had. We both have a lot to improve, like him peeling with fears, and myself using binding heal/ a shackle macro more often. This was my first real look into competitive arena in S6 and I guess at 800 rating I haven’t seen much yet, but him and I know as our gear increases our skill will too, we played around 5 Priest/lock teams and beat them all. My first use of Shadowfiend in arena was an annoying one.. It got CC’d til it died, with the new Shadowfiend spell Shadowcrawl I’m looking forward to seeing new spells such as this on my little shadowblob’s bars. And my Suggestion for the new spells would be a Stun, let it be attatched to Shadowcrawl or by itself, just something so It can get a guranteed hit or two in before it gets CC’d to the ground.

I did 25 man VoA and Emalon is a really fun fight for discipline, I just spam shields on everybody and get back heaps of mana. However 10 man was a different story.. I tried twice and both times I failed. Our tanks the first time were undergeared and our dps were awesome. 2nd time our tanks were geared and our DPS sucked.

I’m happy that Carbonite now has a guide for the Argent Tournament dailies, and I’m looking forward to reaping money in the tournament.

But overall things have been 10 times better than what I thought it would be like when I was on te PTR, I’m yet to go into Ulduar in live, but hopefully I will before my 10 day trial dries up

Looking forward to playing again and posting informed blogs


Soloing Vanilla WoW Raids

May 27, 2009

I’ll start things off relatively slowly

I originally thought about this a while back : Druids/Paladins/Dks can solo a ton of junk, so what can priests solo?

I was searching around ( I don’t like the site that much but meh) and found a Post about soloing Onyxia, and it grabbed my attention, all these Shadow Priests who were more geared than I was saying that they needed mp5 buffs/tons of pots to complete this, First week I was short of money and was disc from PvPing, so I decided to try her as disc in my Shadow PvE gear. All I did was keep shield up and wand, I downed her in 27 minutes and almost missed out on my Naxx run. So Onyxia is cake as Disc, just try to avoid the big evil flame things, and the egg pits… I was low on hp near the end because I tried bursting her last 10k down, and accidentally got knocked into the back of the egg pit, and what was worse was my shadowfiend was down for 30 seconds, and I had 2.5k mana left, it was a real close call but I blew Power Infusion and with the holy nova glyph spammed my way to safety xD.

As Shadow the fight only lasted around 15 minutes, with no food buffs/ outside buffs other than my own, I was really conservative trying not to drop below 50% mana without having either dispersion or shadowfiend up. The key to doing this as shadow is having the Shield glyph so that you don’t need to break out of sform to heal, I only had 1 point in imp VE too, with two points it may become easier. Another important thing is to have Dispersion and Shadowfiend on a rotation so that one comes up every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

After that I tried to find Azuregos and kill him but failed in my search.. Stupid dragon never spawned, although me + druid tank + ele shammy tried to do the World Dragon in Feralas, we had him easy then we accidentally got to close together and got chained sleeped. So we had the 15 minute debuff and watched another horde side group fail, Then we tried again and failed, because as Shadow + Ele + Feral we don’t have a lot of AoE heals churning out, so then we unfortnuately watched the other group kill him.

The Druid in that group also did what I consider to be a world first , or very, very close to it, around January 10th ( the post recently got bumped on the Druid forums ) he posted asking whether Prophet Skeram was soloable, and was hit by a bunch of “no unless you have a lot of NR”, I forgot what exact gear he was wearing but around January 16th in guild chat it just erupted with him saying YEEEESSSS etc. etc. he also downed Satura the same night. He had soloed ZG for weeks, and I think he soloed a few MC bosses but don’t quote me on that ( well me and a Pally can 2 man so why can’t he solo).

And that basically ends my first post on Priest soloing Pre-BC raids.